spearwood 1-5

Avalon Clementine, the first female of her kind, is painfully cursed to turn into her dragon form every night.

With the help of her boys, members of the secretive Vox, they will try to find a cure. All the while seeking to defeat the evil of her half-brother Aibek.

Can they succeed or will Greed, Jealously, and Love stand in their way?

At only 168pages, it was a nice short read, full of action and really interesting. I don’t read the synopsis of a book right before I read it if I bought it a while ago. So I was shocked when I found out the main character was female, I am guessing this was the authors intention. It was well done. The story itself is really well done and I am looking forward to seeing what happens. The writing is beautiful and definitely a book I will recommend.

The synopsis is a little misleading though, that’s a synopsis for the whole series not just this book. So I never met some of characters that were mentioned and don’t know what the secret group is yet.

I have already started the second set of books and looking forward to seeing what happens.

4.5 stars out of 5

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