I saw this on Clare’s blog and thought I would give it a go. It’s questions, it’s about books, sounds like good fun. 🙂

Click the book covers and it will open a new tab to their goodreads page.

A book you wish you owned?


The cover is beautiful and the book looks just as good. I will buy some day (soon I hope).

Best YA cover?

the last academt

There are hundreds I could choose, but I love this one, I actually bought the book main based on the cover.

Could you ever see yourself with any of your favourite characters?

I could see myself (my teenage self or adult version of the character) with Neville Longbottom, he was always my favourite character and I had a book crush on him when I was younger. He is loyal and always seemed like a great friend.

Do you ever wish you could live in a fictional world?

Yes!!! Especially Hogwarts, I wish I could have gone there. But there are so many worlds I wish I could live in. Although some books I love I would hate to live in the world i.e. the Hunger Games, it would be a horrible world to live in.

Epic battle or love story?

Epic battle hands down. I mainly read fantasy, so what is that without a battle or two, I don’t hate love stories though but they are not the main reason I read the book.

Favourite YA title you have read so far?

don't even think about it

This was a hard one to answer, there are so many great books, but this one really stood out to me. It was original and wonderfully written. I cannot wait for the next book.

Ghosts or aliens?

I don’t really read much of either but I do prefer Ghosts, there is something scarier about them and more real.

How do you choose which books to buy?

There’s a few different ways I use. The recommendations on goodreads, if I really loved a book I might look to see what else is like it. Seeing a book on a fellow bloggers post, found some good books that way. Being recommended by a friend but that’s usually a goodreads friend since most of my friends don’t read the same sort of thing I do. Lastly just seeing a book and I want it so I buy it.

If you could be a fictional character for a day, who would you choose?

Hermione, think of all the cool magic she knows, it would be wonderful to be able to all the spells she can do.

Judge books by their covers?

Yes, but if the synopsis looks dreadful I won’t give it a go. But if a cover is dreadful I am unlikely to look at the synopsis unless someone has told me how good it is.

Killing characters in YA books – should it be allowed?

Yes, of course. Sometimes it annoys me when all the main characters stay alive and don’t really get hurt but the baddies die or are wounded badly (I am looking at you Twilight). As much as it can be a bummer when my favourite character dies, it makes it more realistic.

Least favourite YA book you’ve read?


This is hard one, there has been a few that is just not for me. But this series is just everything I hate. The first book is fantastic but every book after gets progressively worse and filled with less content and more drivel. I gave up by the 5th book I think, I could not stand any more two chapters about her lying down and dreaming about all her boyfriends when she should be saving the world.

Male protagonist or female protagonist?

Honestly it does not bother me, as long as the book is good. I tend to read more female just because there seems to be more of them.

Name a YA book you are desperate to read.

shadow study

I have been waiting for this book for years and it’s finally almost out 🙂

One YA book you want everyone to read?


I love this series very much. I know it’s not for everyone but if everyone who read and like Twilight read this I think they would love it 🙂

Pick three fictional characters you’d want on your side in an apocalypse.

Katniss from the Hunger Games, pretty self explanatory I think. Mrs Weasley from Harry Potter, she killed Bellatrix and she would look after everyone. Katsa from the Graceling, her skill is survival, I honestly think she would an asset. All I would have to do I’d be there.

Quick read or long read?

Either but I do tend to read quick reads more, but then I complain that I wish it was longer lol

Reading is essential to a happy life – agree?

For me yes it is, I feel lost without books and it makes me happy to share all my books ideas and read other peoples on wordpress 🙂

Series or standalone?

Both. Only if the rest of the series makes sense, I hate it when the first one would have been enough.

Tell us the most recent book you’ve read.

I just finished Forever Christmas by Robert Tate Miller, it’s not YA but it was okay.

Under the duvet – scariest book you’ve read?

I don’t really find books that scary but The Troop by Nick Cutter is gruesome, I haven’t finished it yet and not sure I will. Very explicit and not for the faint hearted.

Vanquish which YA series with a magic wand?

Probably the house of night series. I know lots of people like it, but I could do without it, and I regret spending my money on it.

What do you love most about YA fiction?

How easy it is to read and how relatable the characters are. We were all teenagers once and can probably remember feeling some of what the characters felt. There is also a varied range of books in the YA genre, something for everyone.

X marks the spot. Where is your favourite reading spot?

On my chair or curled up on my bed, but then I tend to fall asleep.

Your house is on fire. Which three books would you save?

My Harry Potter boxset. The fancy one with the gorgeous covers

Zombies or vampires?

Vampires, although I haven’t found a good vampire book in a while.

What would you choose?