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The next installment in The Station Series by Amazon Bestselling Author, Trish Marie Dawson, takes readers on another lively journey through the after-life adventures of eighteen year old Piper Willow.

Piper has new challenges to overcome, new names to learn and is faced with a new Station occupation. Did she make the right choice – choosing to stay at the Station and become a Volunteer? Does she really want answers to the questions that never leave her mind? How did the Station come to be? What lies beyond? Who is Andurush and what, exactly, does he want with Piper?

She must ask herself once again if she has what it takes…but this time it isn’t about saving lives, it is about discovering what lies beyond death.

Would you want to know?

I didn’t enjoy this as much as I enjoyed the first. It was great to find out what happened to Sloan and go into another body. Most of the book was great in fact. It was just when an alien was mentioned that it put me off. Not really my kind of thing and I was worried it was going to get all strange. But it wasn’t too bad.

I liked the relationship between Piper and Sloan, it was very sweet it’s obvious they are soul mates. Obvious that their connection was strong and that’s why Sloan could hear her so well.

I will read the next one. I am looking forward to finishing the series.

4 out of 5 stars