the storm

Daley, Nathan, and the rest of the survivors of Flight 29 Down have learned to rely on one another for nothing less than survival. After all, they’re in the wilderness, and if they can’t work together, no one is safe. So when personal belongings start to go missing, the bonds of trust are shattered with dangerous consequences . . .

Once again I felt like it was word for word exactly like the T.V. show, but at least you get a glimpse into each character’s feelings. I think it helps for me since I have watched the show and I hear the character’s voices as I read the book.

Their situation is getting more dire. They are beginning to realise they might not be rescued, at least anytime soon and that is taking it’s toll on everyone.

The characters are growing and beginning to come together as a group of young adults. It’s funny how Lex, the youngest is often the voice of reason.

4 out of 5 stars