bend it like beckham

Jess just wants to play football, but her wedding-obsessed parents have other ideas so she hides it from them. But when Jess and her friend Jules join a ladies team and get spotted by a talent scout, it all kicks off!

I love the film and I love the book. It was exactly like the film, I am pretty sure the film was made first since Jess’s scar was in it, that was put in the film because the actress had one. The dialogue was exactly the same. I did really enjoy it though. I was saying all the lines in my heads in the actors’ voices and accents.

The story-line was good, it could have been deeper on cultural differences and given the story some depth but it was a good quick read that reminded me of my teenage years.

I think it would have been better of there was more of a difference between the book and the film. I am not likely to read it again since I can just watch the film and get the exact same story.

4 out of 5 stars