the copper witch

“Ambition or Love” Adela Tilden has always been more ambitious than her station in life might allow. A minor nobleman’s daughter on a failing barony, Adela’s prospects seem dire outside of marrying well-off. When Adela catches the eye of the crown prince, Edward, however, well-off doesn’t seem to be a problem. Thrown into a world of politics and intrigue, Adela might have found all the excitement she ever wanted-if she can manage to leave her past behind.

I received a free copy of this book via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

First off, I love the cover it is beautiful.

The premise of the book was exciting and engaging. I was a little disappointed there was no reference to where and when it took place.

The story was intriguing, I had no idea where it was going most of the time, which was a good thing. I felt drawn into the story and I wanted more, I always wanted more. Unfortunately I wanted more at the end too. I have no idea what happened to the characters. I know it’s a series but each new book has a different main character and it would have been good to know what happened to these ones.

Adela was a good main character, although she acted too old for her 15 years. She was very sexually forward and promiscuous. She had an allure that some thought was magical, I would have liked to find out if that was the case or not. I know it is called the Copper Witch, but it was never confirmed or even hinted at strongly that she was a witch.

Edward was a good character, not really a great King since he put his own feelings above his countries, although it seemed to work out for the kingdom.

Antony was interesting. He was one of the only constant characters throughout the whole book, he kept popping even when he shouldn’t of. He seemed a good character at first but then he got careless and let his sexual instincts drive him.

This was beautifully written, with great characters and a great storyline, but more setting was needed. I like my historical fiction but I like to know when and where it is set. If it had this I think I would have given it 5 stars.

If the next story focused on the same characters I would read it, the way it is, I am not sure I will.

4 stars out of 5.