on fire

When Eric breaks the camp lighter and the fire goes out, the castaways are in real trouble. That fire is their source of heat, smoke signals, and, most importantly, clean water. No one is having much luck getting the fire going, but when Jackson gets very sick from drinking unsanitized water, the heat is really on. Can they get the fire lit again before it’s too late for one of their own?

This one had a lot more that was not in the T.V. series which was great, it still kept the same feelings and general awesomeness. I am loving getting to know the characters better, especially Lex, he is coming into he own. I feel sorry for him, he always saves the day yet he is always overlooked.

I felt that Jackson in those was portrayed as a bit of an asshole. He made a stupid decision, I am not sure it was meant like that but it seems he didn’t care about his health as where in the T.V. show the same choice was because he did it so someone else didn’t have to.

I am looking forward to the next book in the series, the final book, should be a great read.

4 stars out of 5