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All is fair in love and war, right? Well these girls seem to think so!
The prom, the date and a whole lot of laxatives is told in the honest but hilarious voice of sixteen year old Alex Hunter.
Alex has her eye on the gorgeous Cody McKenzie and things are going well until she finds out that Kitty Vickers has him in her sights too.
Unfortunately for Alex, Kitty Vickers is the most popular girl at school and makes Alex’s life a living hell. Alex isn’t giving up without a fight, with the help of her three loyal mates they come up with hilarious ways of ‘bringing down’ Kitty Vickers.
It seems Kitty can pull off anything, the boys want to be with her and the girls just want to be her!
That is until Alex comes up with her best plan ever, or is it……

This book annoyed me a lot. The was only one character I actually liked and that was Lewis. He was the only one who seemed real. I know you get nasty people in real life but this was a whole town of selfish nasty, spiteful people and one good one.

Alex was mean, very self involved to the point where some of her actions could be taken as more than just a prank, they could warrant being arrested.

The story had me engaged from the beginning but as I got into it, I found it harder and harder to keep myself reading. I was using it for a challenge so I made myself finish even though I did not really want to.

The story itself was okay but a lot of it I was cringing at. I will not be reading the next book in the series.

2.5 stars out of 5