After seven friends take a trip to a secluded log cabin, what should have been a drunken weekend of fun end ends in the tragic and brutal murder of two of them.

Mackenzie Keaton and four of her friends wake in a disorientated state to find the bodies of Josh Harper and Courtney Young on the kitchen floor.

With the police determining that there was no forced entry or signs of a struggle, suspicion turn to the five survivors. And everyone’s finger is pointed to Josh’s estranged brother, Blake.

Mackenzie refuses to believe any one of them could have done it and embarks on her own investigation to prove their innocence, but after a few shocking revelations, she is forced to face the fact that one of them is the murderer.

I am sucker for this kind of book. Young adults in a secluded place, murder happens, who was it. Not sure why but I love it. Probably the fault of slasher films like Scream and I know what you did last summer.

I was hooked from the word go. I loved how it started, so many questions, not as to what was happening then but the secrets the group kept. There seemed to be so many I never thought I would find them all out. It took me ages to work out the book was set in the UK, not a big deal but I like to know where I am ready about, makes it more interesting.

The characters were interesting. I never really felt you got to know them since there was so many secrets and things being revealed that did not fit into the previous persona I had worked out for them.

In a way it was similar to those films since it had a false ending as such, there was a year later bit when the true killer was revealed. The motive was weak for me. Very weak.

The killer was actually my first guess since it’s someone un-obvious if that makes sense.

I think I would read more from this author but not sure if I would read this kind of book.

3 out of 5 stars