I have been thinking lately, about how much effort people go to before choosing to buy a book these days. Yes we can buy a book with a click of a button without even leaving our chair and start reading withing minutes. But with so many books these days we have to choose carefully, especially with self-published books, yes some are amazing but some are down right horrendous.

Do you look at ratings of books on goodreads or Amazon? What rating is the lowest you will buy a book? I have seen people say that unless it has a rating of 4 or more stars they will not read it.

I choose 3 stars. As long as it has a few 5 star review. It also all depends on how many reviews there are. With only a few it becomes that much harder to tell, but then there’s a part of me that wants to read it to help the author out.

So what rating is the lowest star rating you will buy a book on? Do you even check or do you just buy?