the gallows curse20 books of summer

A vengeful King John has seized control of the Church, leaving corpses to lie in unconsecrated ground, babies unbaptized in their cradles and the people terrified of dying in sin. And in Gastmere, the consequences grow darker still when Elena, a servant girl, is dragged into a conspiracy to absolve the sins of the Lord of the Manor.

This is the first book I have managed to finish for 20 books of summer, shocking I know. I have been a little put off by how terribly my first two attempts went and I have been trying to read as many review books as possible. I am still going to try and read more from this list though. I will get there (I hope).

I love this author, this is the third book I have read by her and I own two more.

The story is complex and riveting. You start with one mystery and before you know it, you have 20 expertly woven into the story and you cannot stop until you know all the answers. I was hooked from the prologue, trying to work out who the little girl was, it made perfect sense when I found out but I was way off in my guessing.

The setting was life-like and felt like I had jumped straight into a history book. The characters were great and very relatable. Elana especially was a great character to follow the story with. She never stopped fighting no matter how much trouble she was in.

The ending was good, it wrapped things up nicely but left some intrigue, not a ambiguous ending like the author usually does, for that I was grateful.

I am looking forward very much to reading more from this author.

4 out of 5 stars