This is a post I just thought of, so sorry for the lack of preparation. I just watched a video of an English woman who did not know the capital of England. I personally am not convinced this video was real, I have no idea how you can get to your twenties and not the capital of your on own country, especially with the internet and television.

This got me thinking, how I often get annoyed at “dumb” characters, they are often so stupid that they probably would not make it in real life. Now I know we all have our silly moments and moments that feel like your brain has stopped working, me more than most.

I remember recently writing a review and commenting on how a friend of the main character was a little too stupid to be real. But for the life of me I cannot think of or find which book it was.

These characters often rely on the main character far too much and with the characters often not only smarts but common sense it really annoys me. I know people have differing degrees of knowledge on each subject, but even people I know that do not consider themselves as smart would beat half these characters in a quiz any day.

Does anyone remember Karen from Mean Girls, she is a perfect example, okay ye it is a little funny and she stands up for herself (ish) eventually. But I do not it is fair to show just that side, I wish these characters all had a side they excelled in, which happens in real life. It could be anything: sport, fashion, music, just anything that shows a true character and not just the not so clever side.

What do you think of “dumb” characters in books?