Do you remember at the start of the first film that Ron tells Harry that “There’s not a witch or wizard gone bad that wasn’t in Slytherin”?

I am currently watching the film, I started thinking if it was still true after the this was said then realised it wasn’t true to begin with. Everyone thinks that Sirius Black killed Peter Pettigrew and about 12 muggles and got himself sent to Azkaban, that’s pretty bad in my view. He is also classed as one of you know who’s biggest followers.

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If you do not remember Sirius Black was actually in Gryffindor. Making Ron’s statement false. Although Sirius did not actually commit the crimes to was convicted of, his friend Peter Pettigrew was, who was also in Gryffindor. Peter was instrumental in bringing Voldemort back to power.


Was Peter Pettigrew the only death eater not in Slytherin? I do not know but it seems unlikely, the amount there seems to be, they cannot all be from one house. I am currently rereading the books so if I find any more I will be sure to do another post.