This is a new series of posts I have been working on for quite a while. Every book I have read for the last year or so, has carefully been noted in a notebooks and where it was set. I have split the UK into it’s four countries and the US into it’s states since there are lots of books in the genres I read in these settings. England is the first one that has enough for me to do a post on, I am hoping eventually to get as many done as possible, but there are only so many books I can possibly read, and I want to only include books I have partially or fully read.

I came up with this idea whilst looking for books in set in certain places, this way if you really like a setting I post about or need it for a challenge then there’s numerous books to choose from.

Clicking on a books picture will open a new tab of it’s goodreads page, if there is a review by me, I will put a link at the end of the description.  Now in no particular order (well in reality it’s the order I read them in but hey).

black chalk

This book is mainly set in Oxford and switches timelines, I found it interesting but a little long winded. Good book if you enjoy a thriller. Review


Honestly I cannot remember exactly where this was set, except for it not being very clear, it took me ages to work it was England and not the USA. I remember this being good, but could have been better, there were a few flaws in my opinion but still worth the read. Review

the gallows curse

This is by one of my favourite authors, I think three of her books are sneaking their way on to this list. This is set in the time of the plague, (If I remember correctly), although it doesn’t feature heavily. This is set in a number of locations in England. If you like historical books is one to check out. Review

tangled webs

This was another historical fiction book, but is aimed at young adults. It was fun and exciting. Mainly set in London. Review


Another book set in the times of the plague, really interesting book. The first book of Karen Maitlands I read, and the covers are gorgeous. Seems I read this book before I started my blog.

owl killers

As with all her books this has an air of the paranormal twisted in with the history. This one was really good. Once again I read this before I started my blog and no review.

the mysterious affair at castaway house

I love this sort of book, although this one did fall a little short for, still worth the read though. I loved the setting, Castaway House sounded gorgeous. I love books that are set in old houses. Review

the last if the firedrakes

Only 5% of this book is set in England, but still an amazing book and worth the mention. Review

young gifted and dead

I still haven’t finished this book although I started it a while ago, it’s got a peculiar writing style and I just haven’t managed to finish it.

the silent ones

This book was not what I expected and I loved it. It really showed how bad life can get when a loved one is lost. It really was an eye opener and there were many twists I never saw coming. Review.

the poison diaries

I haven’t finished this book either but not because I am not enjoying it, just because I had lost it, but since I have just moved house, I hope to finish it sometime soon, it’s a historical novel.


This is an interesting murder mystery, that is set just before Jack the ripper. I found it very interesting and although you know who the murderer is fairly early on, there is still plenty of mystery. Review

murder most unladylike

Another I still need to finish, it reminded me of the Gallagher Girls series, although this is about murder rather than spies.


I did not enjoy this book at all, but I have a friend who did enjoy this, but I haven’t reviewed it, so no review to link too.

the palace library

A lot of this book was set in the past, but I pretty sure most of it was still in England. A nice middle grade read. Review.

thief of lies

I just finished this book and loved it!!!! Haven’t written my review yet, should be up in a few days but if you like magic you should like this fantastic book. It does jump all over the world but the main part takes place in England, although like the Harry Potter world, it’s a hidden place.

black rabbit hall

This book is mainly set in Cornwall, although a few parts are in London, it jumps from the late 1960’s to present times. I am currently reading, almost finished and loving it. Great for fans of Kate Morton.

That’s all for this one, but hopefully these will become more regular and with different countries. Let me know if you have read, or found new books you fancy from this post.

Happy Reading