After narrowly escaping the war-torn outside world with her life, Katelyn Kestrel vows to never again venture beyond the mountains of Haven Valley. But just as Katelyn begins to prepare for life after high school—a normal life with no warring princes, no dangerous magical abilities, and no handsome, duty-bound soldiers—the outside world comes crashing into her reality once again.

A team of explorers from Haven has been captured by Prince Raserion, the leader of the Western Kingdom. Only Katelyn, with her remarkable ability to find anything she looks for, can hunt the team down and bring them home. And only Katelyn knows just how much trouble the explorers—and all of Haven—are in . . .

The princes have been searching for Haven and its people for seven hundred long years. Like it or not, Katelyn must go back to the outside world and rescue the captives, or witness the destruction of everything she’s ever loved.

I received a free copy of this book via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I loved this second installment as much as I loved the first. I was very glad to be back in this exciting and unique world. Katelyn is a great main character, she loves her friends and is only looking out for them, sometimes it ends badly but she has only good in her heart. It was nice to see Haven again although it was only at the beginning, but that’s where her story started so it was nice for the second book to start in the same place.

I loved that I was not expecting half of what happened, yet it all made perfect sense. We got to know some minor characters (from the first book) better, and some old friends and foes, were back. The story moved swiftly yet goings on were explained perfectly and I felt like I was standing right beside them.

Now I don’t want to give too much away, but I am very glad s certain character was back and just as great as ever although their interactions were few and far between, it was good to know they really are a good person, although every reader new it from the first book, it is good to have proof. Another returning character I was a little disappointed to be back, but it worked and was a little strange that their personality was completely different from the first book but after what they had gone through, I would have been bitter too.

I understand the title of the next book, I have a small hint as to what is going to happen next but no idea as to the main plot, looking forward to reading it.

4 out of 5 stars

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