Charmed is the exciting sequel to the wildly popular Flunked — second in the brand new Fairy Tale Reform School series where the teachers are (former) villains. “Charming fairy-tale fun.” -Sarah Mlynowski, author of the New York Times bestselling Whatever After series.

It takes a (mostly) reformed thief to catch a spy. Which is why Gilly Cobbler, Enchantasia’s most notorious pickpocket, volunteers to stay locked up at Fairy Tale Reform School…indefinitely. Gilly and her friends may have defeated the Evil Queen and become reluctant heroes, but the battle for Enchantasia has just begun.

Alva, aka The Wicked One who cursed Sleeping Beauty, has declared war on the Princesses, and she wants the students of Fairy Tale Reform School to join her. As her criminal classmates give in to temptation, Gilly goes undercover as a Royal Lady in Waiting (don’t laugh) to unmask a spy…before the mole can hand Alva the keys to the kingdom.

Her parents think Gilly the Hero is completely reformed, but sometimes you have to get your hands dirty. Sometimes it’s good to be bad…

I received a free copy of this book via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I lapped up the first in the series, like it was the only water in a huge desert. This book didn’t quite live up to it’s glory, don’t get me wrong it was good and I enjoyed it, just not quite as much as the first.

The problems I had with this were: Gilly had gone from a great fun character to a whiny character that was extremely full of herself. She was mean to people who were meant to be her friends and nice to people who had never before given her the time of day.

The storyline was a little jumbled. It felt a little all over the place. Maybe that was just me, but it didn’t feel quite as put together as the first book.

The writing was good and the story moved swiftly and did not linger on boring parts.

There is room for another in the series, not convinced I will read it, but I will see when and if it comes out.

3 out of 5 stars