We all know Umbridge is evil, that goes without saying, she made children write with their own blood, even tried to use an unforgivable curse on Harry. But it wasn’t until recently I realised just how evil she.

One of the first times we are introduced to her is in the court room where Harry is tried for underage magic. But it isn’t until alter on in the book that we find out just how horrible she is.

I cannot remember if it’s in the Order of the Phoenix or a later book that we find out that she sent the dementors to little Whinging. I am not sure why but I always assumed that she did it to get Harry expelled. But then I started thinking, not many people knew that Harry could produce a patronous, since it is not normally taught until later years or not at all.

So baring in mind that she probably didn’t know he could produce a protonous since at the court most people were shocked, her intent must have been to suck out his soul, a fate worse than death.

Now that is just cold, trying to kill someone for saying something you do not want them to. That puts her at the same evilness as Voldemort for me, at least he never hid it.

I wonder what happened to her after the downfall of Voldemort. She couldn’t still be working at the Ministry, Kingsley probably wouldn’t let her, so where did she go?

What do you think her fate was?