20 books of summer

I haven’t seen anyone sign up for this, this year but I have been a little MIA, hoping to get back to much more blogging soon. I know I am a little late in posting this as it’s technically already summer but with 2 and 3/4 of a month to go I should manage.

So I hoping to get through more than 20 books over the summer but since I have never managed to do all the ones I wanted to, I am crossing my fingers that I will manage this year. I have lucky dip box for all my review books and paperbacks and some of my other kindle books. I chose some of the new netgalley books that I do not want to get behind on then the other 17 at random. Enough babbling from me, let’s see the books.

1.Journey into the flame

2. the neverland wars

3. withering rose

4. grand and humble

5.scent of magic lori

6. city of fae

7. Harry Plotter adn the chamber of serpants

8. the reader

9. cold burn of magic

10. turn of the tide

11the witch of salt and storm

12. the children's home

13. the reluctant cannibals

14. Dickon

15. the protector

16. river of ink

17. hickville confessions

18. the silver witch

19.storm siren

20. Eleanor and the Iron King_COVER.indd

A lot of good looking books, really looking forward to getting stuck in. I probably won’t be reading them in order, especially since I seem to have a lot of historical fiction in this bunch, I love it but I cannot read too much at once.

Have you read any of these? What did you think? What books are you reading this summer?

Happy Reading