“Life is full of crossroads, Alex. Full of choices.”

Returning for a second year at Akarnae Academy with her gifted friends, Alexandra Jennings steps back through a doorway into Medora, the fantasy world that is full of impossibilities.

Despite the magical wonder of Medora, Alex’s life remains threatened by Aven Dalmarta, the banished prince from the Lost City of Meya who is out for her blood.

To protect the Medorans from Aven’s quest to reclaim his birthright, Alex and her friends seek out the Meyarin city and what remains of its ancient race.

Not sure who—or perhaps what—she is anymore, all Alex knows is that if she fails to keep Aven from reaching Meya, the lives of countless Medorans will be in danger. Can she protect them, or will all be lost?

I received a free copy of this book via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is the second book in the Medoran Chronicles. I loved the first one and i loved this one. It wasn’t quite as good as the first but still an amazing read.

I loved returning to the school and all the fun Alex and her friends got into. The danger was amped up, which gave it a whole new level. Aven was up to his usual badness, and I loved getting to visit a new world, especially since it was so different from the other two we see in this series. All our old favourites were back with a few extras.

The rumours going around about Alex and how they were handled made me laugh, teenagers will gossip about anything. I liked how we got to see more off the combat class students. They were all really supportive to ALex which showed depth of character. The combat field trip was excellent reading. It all made me smile and it was great to find out other peoples powers and the depth of Alex’s.

Ah the bit that it pained me to read about. Jordan, sweet Jordan. Was this Aven’s doing or Jordan’s choice? Whatever it was it was out of character but made sense. I hope things can be rectified in the third book.

Overall a great 2nd installment and has left me wanting more.

4 out of 5 stars