the neverland wars

Magic can do a lot—give you flight, show you mermaids, help you taste the stars, and… solve the budget crisis? That’s what the grown-ups will do with it if they ever make it to Neverland to steal its magic and bring their children home.

However, Gwen doesn’t know this. She’s just a sixteen-year-old girl with a place on the debate team and a powerful crush on Jay, the soon-to-be homecoming king. She doesn’t know her little sister could actually run away with Peter Pan, or that she might have to chase after her to bring her home safe. Gwen will find out though—and when she does, she’ll discover she’s in the middle of a looming war between Neverland and reality.

She’ll be out of place as a teenager in Neverland, but she won’t be the only one. Peter Pan’s constant treks back to the mainland have slowly aged him into adolescence as well. Soon, Gwen will have to decide whether she’s going to join impish, playful Peter in his fight for eternal youth… or if she’s going to scramble back to reality in time for the homecoming dance.

I received a free copy of this book via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

If you read my reviews regularly you will know I hate giving bad reviews, I find it really difficult and hate saying bad things about someone’s hard work but unfortunately this is one of these times where I got to just try to write what I feel.

I am not sure how to put it politely, but this book bored me, not one bit of it interested me, I felt like I was trudging through just to finish so I wouldn’t have to read anymore. I just want to point out that I had a look on goodreads and most people enjoyed this book, I seem to be in the minority who didn’t like this book. I suppose not everyone can like every book.

Books with magic should be exciting and full of wonder, this had explained and technical magic, without explaining anything at all. It’s about a young girl who just doesn’t want to grow up, but instead showing this it was explained and it felt jarring to the story. It’s only saving grace was that it was set in Neverland, which is what drew me in, in the first place. I felt like nothing happened in the story, it was all just filler with no action.

Peter wasn’t exactly what I expected, he was untrusting and too childish and too adult at the same time, his character was too much of an oxymoron for me. I just felt like he was juvenile, yet in charge of a bunch of kids and somehow managing to survive.

Gwen’s character was the worst for me, she was unlike typical teenager which is a good thing but instead of being a little childish and still liking cartoons or something she seemed to repress growing up. I know she was fighting her adventurous side but she should have tried harder to get her little sister home soon. She is 16, she should know right from wrong, she didn’t seem to question the things she should have at that age like hygiene, or the fact the young kids were threatening to kill her and her little sister didn’t seem bothered.

As you can guess I will not be continuing with this series. But since so many people like this book I would suggest to check out other reviews before making your mind up, I am seem to be one of the very few that didn’t enjoy it.

2 out of 5 stars