So as I said in my post about 1 star reviews (which i very rarely give) it’s 2 stars that are my bad reviews. As long as I can find one positive thing, that is. But if I rate 2 stars then it means I will never read the book again, won’t carry on the series if it is one and will most likely not read any more books by that author (at least I won’t seek them out).

I hate giving bad reviews but there’s no point reviewing books if I am not going to be honest, so I do give them. But a book has to be pretty boring or really doesn’t make sense or is just plain not good, for me to give it two stars.

There are a few that I can think of that have deserved this fate but I will not post them here, as Captain Hook says that would be bad form. I will save the naming for the good books, (well the books I enjoyed).

What makes you give a book 2 stars?