This is a similar feature that I used to see people doing, but haven’t seen it for a while and I miss it. So I am going to start doing it, hope you don’t mind, if you still do it let me know and I will stop and use yours.

Anyway, the idea is to write a short paragraph or two on what you see in the picture, take some inspiration from it and write about any genre you want. Post your short story in the comments and let us all read them. This is not a competition, just a way for people to let their creative side out. Hopefully this will be on once a week.


My contribution.

The weary Knight trudged the last leg to the castle. It was within sight but looked so far away, he had been traveling without rest for almost two days. He and his platoon had finally killed the evil witch that was tormenting their land, but unfortunately he was the only one that survived. Somehow he was immune to her magic that she had released with her dying breath. She cast a spell on his fellow comrades and they bludgeoned each other to death, he could do nothing but save his own skin.

The castle was a welcome sight, it was small but it was home, just on the edge of the sea, it was easy to defend . His wife and child were waiting inside, yes he was home.

So your turn, doesn’t have to be a a piece of literature  (just look at mine) just needs to be your own work, I am sure you are a better writer than you think, you are your harshest critic after all.

I do not own any writes to the picture, it’s use is for inspiration purposes only.