revenge is sweet

Hell hath no fury like a vampire seeking revenge …
Life hasn’t been exactly normal for Ellie since she became a vampire. Although joining the legion of the undead was always going to take some getting used to, even if you are the partner of Will Austen, the Elder of London.

But when Daniel, a fifteen-year-old fledgling vampire, unexpectedly turns up at Ellie’s and Will’s Highgate home, things start getting very strange – and more than a little scary.

Events take a devastating turn as a mystery troublemaker leaves behind a trail of carnage – and it soon becomes clear they will stop at nothing to get the Elder’s attention, even if it involves hurting the person he cherishes the most …

But when it comes to Ellie, Will Austen is the wrong vampire to mess with.

I received a free copy of this book via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

First off I did not know this book was a sequel, I did my research, I checked on goodreads and it said it was stand alone, so I requested it. Turns out it’s the second in the series. I decided to see if I could make sense of it and I could there was enough description in it to leave me more than enough knowledge as to what happened in the last book.

I only managed to get about 20% the way through this book, I decided that was enough otherwise I was going to put myself into a reading slump. (May happen anyway the new book I have just started is almost as bad).

I found this book very dry and the characters very dry. The storyline was fin but it lacked any oomph, the parts of the about the vampires either felt like I was reading from a text book or it was just cliched or trying very hard to make it not a cliche.

I did not like the relationship between Ellie and Will it seemed a little like the author was trying to fifty shades of grey and mix vampires in. Will was a very hot and cold character and I often cannot relate to characters like that. I know people change their moods but this was too often too quick.

Overall I did not think this book was or me. I will not be rating since I did not get past 50%.