This is hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. This weeks theme is Books set outside of the US. I love the idea, I will read a book no matter where it’s set so looking forward to doing this one.

  1. forbidden territoryThis book is a guilty pleasure of mine, it’s sweet, got a little danger in it and it’s set in Australia.
  2. tangled websA book set in London, I found it sweet and interesting. I LOVE the cover, so simple yet so eye catching.
  3. lions in the garden This book was a little outside of my comfort zone but I really enjoyed it. It’s set in Bohemia which we now know as Czech Republic. Well worth the read.
  4. heart of ice This very unique book is set in Iceland, I only gave it three stars because there was too much romance in it for me. But the rest was really good.
  5. silkThis book is set in London just before Jack the Ripper, really interesting read. My main complaint was that it said it was about Jack the Ripper but it wasn’t it was set a few months before and he was only mentioned at the end, other than that a really great read.
  6. worlds of ink and shadow This book is set in Yorkshire, I haven’t yet finished it but it’s a really interesting read the Bronte siblings. Very different than anything else I have read.
  7. doon This is another book that I haven’t yet finished but really enjoyed the start, it’s set in Scotland.
  8. the silver witch This book is set in Wales and was a very great recent read. I loved how it switched time lines and the suspense was amazing.
  9. the silent ones Another book set in England. A thriller that kept me guessing until the end.