I am doing a marathon of the Harry Potter movies whilst I catch up on reviews and housework. And I put the first one on and realised something.

Dumbledore says “There won’t be a child in our world who doesn’t know his name”. So where does everyone in the magical world think he is? They all seem to know what happened in the Potter’s house and what possible theories about Voldemort. So do they all think Harry has gone to live with his grandparents? I assume since he went to his aunt, that Lily’s mum and dad are dead, but what abut James’s parents?

Did the ministry of magic know where he is? Or did Dumbledore not tell them because he believed Voldemort would come back?

When Harry and Hagrid get to the pub and someone recognises Harry, it goes silent and he is welcomed back. So maybe they did know he was in hiding, not just where. I wonder if any death eaters tried to find him, wouldn’t they want to kill the person they believed to have caused the demise of their leader.

Where do you think  everyone thought he was?