I saw this on Freadom Library, and thought it looked very clever and just had to give it a go.

As I understand it, you pick two books of similar themes that you would swap covers if you could, (just the art not the title or author). Well I am going to do it in a way, that makes the most sense to me, one of the covers will be beautiful and the other not to so much and wishing it’s cover could be swapped to live up to the book.


I love Eternal Eden , but covers just get worse and worse as the series goes on. The Twilight covers are very pretty, even if you don’t like the Twilight series you cannot deny how pretty the covers are. If you are a Twilight fan I really suggest reading Eternal Eden, I am pretty sure the first in the series is free for kindle. The themes are very similar, although Eternal Eden is not about vampires but it is about immortals, forbidden love and family and discovering powers.

cinderella's dressthe copper witch

Both books are historical fiction, both kept my interest but I almost didn’t pick up Cinderella’s dress because of the cover, it could be so much better.

This tag was a lot harder than I thought it would be, so unfortunately I only managed these too, but feel free to do this. Hopefully you will come up with more books than I did.