I have a goodreads group that constantly has a mystery book and prize on the go, think you get it before anyone else?

The prize is the kingmaker

The clues so far

1. The main character leaves home to avoid marriage
2. The MC decides to become a warrior.
3. The training includes both men and women together, and it follows a lot of drilling, marching, seiging and fighting.
4. The MC is fiercly loyal to her Duke.
5. After training many troops see dwarves and elves for the first time.
6. The MC discovers fighting is in her blood, and she is very good at it, gifted!
7. After her service she leaves her troop to become a free blade.
8. This is 3 books in 1. A trilogy but as a whole it tells the whole story.

Think you know it? Head on over to my group and leave a comment/message to see if you can win the book. https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/18860145-mystery-book-september?comment=171102113#comment_171102113

Happy reading