So it’s been a few years since I have posted any of these covers, there are only so many, but I found this today and thought they were far too pretty not to share.

hp1 na

These have a lot going on, but each small picture has something significant to the book. I love it.

hp2 na

I love the spiders crawling all over the book and the inclusion of the howler. I think a child who has not read the books, will look at these in depth and try to work out what they are about to discover when they read the books.

hp 3 na

I am liking the footprints all over the cover. The quotes from each book are really making me want to read them all again. I really like how if you know the bokos there are little hints about the plot but if you don’t know them, it gives nothing away.

hp4 na

I love that a letter from Sirius is included in the cover. A very long dragon at the top is pretty cool.

hp5 na

I like how the book is very Umbridge based, with a little of the other characters like the weasley twins and the extendable ears. This is probably my favourite of this set of covers.

hp6 na

Once again there is a lot going one, it’s over riding theme is the cave where the horcrux is held, but I love that she has included some of the lighter elements of the book too.

hp 7 na

The theme of hallows vs horcruxes is strong, which I love. It makes me very happy that the deluminator and tales of beedle of the bard are included.

What do you think of these covers? Would you buy this set if they were available?