hp bw 1

I love that it includes more than you think when you look properly. As McGonagal is one of my favourite characters I am glad she is featured.

hp bw 2

Dobby looks so scared, and Malfoy looks evil. I love it.

hp bw 3

I do like how it doesn’t really show Harry, it shows Hermione and Sirius and the demontors which feature heavily in the book.

hp bw 4

Love the fact that it shows the other Twiwizard champions but Krum looks a little bit like a vampire.

hp bw 5

I love the presentation of Umbridge, she look evil. I don’t really like that Harry’s face takes up half the cover, kind of leaves room for nothing else.

hp bw 6

I do think that Dumbledore takes up too much of the cover, but the detail is amazing. Having Snape in the cover is a great choice in my opinion.

hp bw 7

There’s a lot going on, but in a great way. I like how Dumbledore is looking down, or is that Aberforth? The duel is coll but both Harry and Voldemort look very strange.

What do you think of these covers? Would you buy them?