Marta and Jayme are old friends with different beliefs. Marta dreams of becoming a healer. Jayme has been schooled by the black-coats, a group of priests who claim women are inferior, and he fears Marta is jeopardizing her eternal future.

Despite a heated debate over Marta’s soul, Jayme betrays her to the priests. The consequences of his betrayal change Marta’s life forever.

After a brutal massacre, Marta awakens deep in the forest overcome with grief for her lost sisters, but the world will not let her rest. The tragedy has changed her. She hears the call of nature, eventually steering her toward a small cottage in the wilderness. There she learns of nature’s magic and what it means to be a Lightwalker. The path is there for her to follow. If she’s strong enough to embrace it…


I recieved a free copy of this book via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

For the first few chapters I had to push myself to keep reading. I found the religion a little much to begin with, not knowing where it was going it felt a little heavy handed before getting to know the characters well. But I did push on, and once I got to know the characters and started to care for them it made more sense and I found the religious parts quite interesting even if in my opinion they dragged on a little. I think there could have been a little more to some chapters they felt like very long lessons and not just for the characters.

There was a little too much repition for me, some lessons were shown both to Marta and Jayme, with no alteration so the reader was reading the exact same thing they had read a few pages ago.

Overall I did find this book interesting and really did enjoy it. I am not sure I will be reading the second one though, there was no hook at the end to get me wanting to delve into the next one. BUt I will see when it comes out.

3 out of 5 stars