demark 1

I love theses covers, they are simple and show just a glimpse into world. So this one has a Hedwig and bit of the castle plus lightning. Also lots of little lightning bolts over the cover. Really nice.

denmark 2

This one shows the basalisk and the sword of Gryffindor, with a little bit of a staircase, who know where it leads. Once again there is the little lightning bolts covering the cover which is a lovely touch.

denmark 3

This is probably my least favourite cover of the set, the hippogriff looks strange. But I like how the moon is shown for Professor Lupin and a little bit of the castle.

denmark 4

I do like the use of of the silouhettes, this time of a mermaid. Then showing the Durmstrang ship and the fire from yhe goblet of fire.

denmark 5

Love the picture of the pheonix and that it’s showing maybe the pensieve, along with the prophecy.

demark 6

Maybe I am having a silly moment but I cannot currently remember Unicorns being in the sixth book. And the picture in the back doesnt show a picture that istantly reminds me of Hogwarts.

denmark 7

Along with the first one, this is probably my favourite. Showing the castle and the dragon from Gringotts.

Overall these covers are beautiful. I would love to own them.

What do you think of them?