first flight

Join Dragon School. Learn to Fly.

Sixteen-year-old Amel arrived at Dragon School just like everyone else – with a dream to ride dragons and join the Dominion Dragon Riders.

But Amel has a crippled leg and Dragon School training is grueling. Before she can even become an initiate, she must complete her First Flight on a dragon.

Can Amel survive First Flight and become a Dragon School initiate or will her dreams dash on the rocks below?


This was a sweet entry the world of Dragon school. I like Amel but in my opinion she focused on her disabilty a little too much. I did like enthusiasm and steel. The dragons were cool and I look forward to getting to know more about them. Especially the purple one.

I am not sure about the other students, they seem quite mean with not much substance. I am looking forward to see what they bring to the table in the next book.

It’s a quick read of only just over 100pages. It’s a young adult book, so a fairly easy read. But well worth it.

4 out of 5 stars