mage shifter

Rina has lost her shifting mojo.
Will her mage powers be enough to subdue Rage and Fury?

Mage Shifter is the third book in an exciting new magic-filled urban fantasy, starring a girl with lots of moxie, fine brawny shifters, BFFs with questionable morals, and pygmy trolls in need of an attitude adjustment.


I loved getting to the ending of this series, I really enjoyed this series. It’s a nice quick easy read but full of magic and wonder.

Rina is once again a great character. She is definately growing and becoming her own person. She grows into her magic well and I really enjoyed reading about it.

There wasn’t much interaction between Rina and her brother Ky in this book and I missed it. I also missed the silent Boone, he was barely in it.

The incident at the beginning felt a little irresponisble on the teachers part (even for a school for magic), but it did help the story along. Also the three boys just turning up seemed a little easy, characters should not be able to luck themselves out of a situation.

Rina is a little niave but she is not dumb so I do like her creative ways to get out of things.

4 out of 5 stars

Want to start at the beginning, read book 1.

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