the little mermaid

A beautifully illustrated new translation of a beloved Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale

Six young sisters live in the depths of the ocean, longing for the chance to see the beauty of the earth. Most eager of all is the youngest mermaid, who counts the days to her fifteenth birthday when her grandmother will finally allow her to rise to the surface.

Her first sight above the water is a large ship on which a beautiful prince is celebrating his sixteenth birthday. Immediately she falls in love, and so begins her determined quest to join the prince on earth as a human.

Full of wonder and heart, The Little Mermaid remains one of the most powerful fairy tales ever written, and this new, gorgeously illustrated translation gives it renewed life.


I recieved a free copy via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

First off, the cover is beautiful. This is the same book just new illistrations. I have not read the original before. It was a little different than the disney version. A little crueller, but I liked it. It was a quick read and no gore, maybe not suitable for really youung kids, but it’s aimed at kids who would be old enough to read it themselves anyway.

I liked the illustrations although  there weren’t many. The tin soldier on the end was a little odd but I grew up with stories that all had happy endings.

Over all a sweet little read with nice illustrations.

4 out of 5 stars