the nanny at number 43

Be Careful Who You Let Into Your Home

Wanted, a respectable woman to care for a motherless child.

When William D. Thomas’s wife dies in childbirth, he places an advertisement in his local newspaper seeking a nanny for his newborn child.

He is thankful when an experienced nanny arrives at 43 Laurence Street and takes over from his frazzled housekeeper Mrs McHugh.

Mrs McHugh confides in her bedridden friend Betty, who has a bird’s-eye view of all the happenings on Laurence Street, that the Nanny is not all she seems. Betty begins her own investigation into the mysterious woman.

When the bodies of twin babies are discovered buried in a back garden, by a family who have moved from their tenement home into a country cottage, a police investigation begins.

But it is Betty who holds the key to discovering who the Nanny really is … and the reason she came to 43 Laurence Street.


I recieved a free copy of this book via booksirens in exchange for honest review.

I felt this book was a little slow to get getting, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. It just adds to the suspense, but for me personally it was a little slow. The secrets were revealed in a slow manner.

Since there was at least three time-lines and mutiple POV’s I would have preferred a reference to where and when the chapter was taking place. I got a little confused at times. Especially when there were characters with the same name. I also got a little confused with characters. I felt that all the stories were sometimes a little un-needed or not explained until a lot later in the book, when I had forgotten a lot of it.

The characters were good but sometimes a little niave, deaths were not really given much thought other than to grieve. I know it’s set in the 1800’s so different times but it just seemed a little easy to  me.

I knew there was something up from the beginning but not sure what, I didn’t feel the big reveal was quite shocking enough, yes it was horrific but I had worked it out quite early on. One death was unexplained, not sure if it was connected or just an illness, wish that was explained.

Overall it was a decent book, with mystery but a  little slow for me.

3.5 stars out of 5