This is the second post of books set in England. Apparently it’s a setting I really enjoy since I read a lot of books set here. I have split the USA into states since it’s so big. Hopefully I will have a few more countries and states to write up soon. Why do this post? I think sometimes for challenges people read books in certain countries or people like reading books set in certain places so it’s nice to give a list. Also it’s fun.

Click the book covers to take you the goodreads page for the book.

worlds of ink and shadow

This is set in Yorkshire, for the part I read anyway. I tried it a couple of years ago but never finished it. Will try to again sometime because it really does look like an amazing book. I have never a book written by the Bronte sisters, so maybe I am not the target audience.

the railway children

A classic book. I remember watching the film as a kid. But I had never read the book, so I decided a year or so ago to rectify that and I am glad I did, it was a sweet little read.

the boleyn inherintance

I loved this book. About 10 years ago I went through a phase of reading lots of Philippa Gregory’s books, I haven’t read one in a fair few years but I remember how amazing they were. She is the author that got me into historical fiction.

the other boleyn girl

Another Philipa Gregory book. I could put the whole series but I’m just putting the ones I have personally read, otherwise I will be here forever. This was not one of my favourites. I prefer the other ones.

the queen's fool

If I remember correctly this was the first one I read. It was really good. A nicely told story.

enchanted glass

I love this cover so much. I don’t think I finished this book unfortunately, cannot remember why. I will have to retry this sometime soon. It’s set in Melstone, England.

the sister

I found this a very interesting book, very different from anything else I have read.

a lady at willowgrove hall

A nice eay going read. There was no big event as far as I remember but I really enjoyed the setting.


I don’t often read erotica, usually only for challenges. This was well written and a decent book.


I don’t remember much about this book, again. Will have to reread it since I apparently did not write a review.

brother's ruin

A very good author. Very underraterd in my opinion. One I need to reread.


A very different read, a little odd at times but a good read.Scary if it ever really happens.

dance of assassins

Love the idea of this book, never got fully through this book. Crime is not my genre anymore.

by gaslight

I haven’t read this one but i got it for my sister for her birthday. The cover alone proves that it is based in London.

wolf hall

I tried this book but could not get into it, was just too full on for me.

a good girls guide to murder

I really enjoyed this book, a very unique and interesting read.


The series so far is mostly set in England- London and Coventry. I am in love with this series, cannot wait for the next one.

SO that is them all- for now. I have already started my next list of England based books. I do not seek them out I just note where the books I read are set.

Have you read any of these? What did you think?