An enchanted Rose spellbound to a greenhouse prison. 

Cursed to live within the glass walls of a greenhouse for her entire life, sixteen-year old Rose has finally reached her breaking point. She had to escape before she lost her mind. But life outside the protective glass was filled with perils of its own.

When she met Gabriel, she thought she’d finally found a savior. But neither was aware of what lurked inside him. Someone was pulling the strings from the shadows. With darkness on the horizon and danger lurking around every corner, Rose must escape the greenhouse, but at what cost?

How hard could it be to break out of a glass cage?

If you like devious nymphs, bloodthirsty curses, and fairytales with a dark twist then check out “Spellbound,” the first in the Spellbound mini-series.


I recieved a free copy via Booksirens in exchange for an honest review.

This is a hard review for me to write. I really struggled to finish this book, for me it wasn’t a great read. For being 124 pages, there was some parts that would have been better cut out. There was a lot of repition. Also plenty of areas where I feel more more explanation would have been better. It was very confusing and not very exciting. There was no hook to keep me wanting to read (other than it was a review book, if it hadn’t been then I probably would have given up). It felt rushed and dragging at the same time.

The characters were a little all over the place. They weren’t consistant in their personalities. I know it’s meant to be the first in a mini-series but there were too many unanswered questions. It didn’t feel like a cliffhanger, it felt unfinished.

With some work this could be a great book, but for me as it is, it’s a huge miss. I do respect the authirs hard work but a little rewriting wouldn’t go amiss.

2 out of 5 stars