So in November I received a reading Journey from Fairyloot. It’s the first time I have ever used anything like this som I thought I would give it a go. It has a yearlong challenge at the beginning, 25 book challenge, seems like it will be worth giving it a go. Here is the categories for the challenge, I will be saying if I think it will be easy or hard for me to do.

  1. Read a book you recieved in a Fairyloot box- Easy
  2. Read a book with colour sprayed edges. – Easy
  3. Read an own voices book. – Not sure what that means, might be hard.
  4. Read a book set in your state/country- Hard if I say Isle of Man, Easy if UK.
  5. Read a re-telling. – Easy.
  6. Read a book in a genre you don’t often read. – Easy
  7. Read a debut novel. – Easy
  8. Read a book you can finish in a day – Easy
  9. Read a book with the most beautiful cover you own. – Hard to decide, easy to do.
  10. Read a book that was published in 2020- Easy
  11. Read a book set in Winter- I have a few ideas of books that might be so easy, possibly.
  12. Read a book that was made into a show or movie- easy
  13. Read a book with mythology inspired elements- I’ve been reading a few of these lately so hopefully easy.
  14. Read a book written by a female author- easy
  15. Read a book with an LGBTQ+ protanganist- easy
  16. Read a book set out in the sea- hmm might be easy
  17. Read a book that is over 500pages- easy
  18. Reread a favourite- super easy
  19. Read a book recommended by a friend- Easy, Gillian you are up!
  20. Read a book that’s famous for it’s Villain. – Easy, Voldy you might get your glory.
  21. Listen to an audiobook- Hard, I never listen to them, just not interested.
  22. Read a goodreads award winner- fairly easy
  23. Start a new series- easy
  24. Read a stand alone- Easy
  25. Read 25 books- if I can get off to a good start and read some exciting books then easy.

I love the sound of this, most of them should be easy and I have at least one book in mind that will fit the categories. The hard part I think will be deciding which ones to read.

Are you planning to do this or any other challenges this year? If so which ones?