I have been finding lately that having structure to my reads is helping me getting through my books and enjoy doing so. I love reading but I sometimes find it hard to find the time. I am planning to read 10% each day on work days and 25% on days off. That means I will be reading one a week. Obviously I can read more of I want to. To help I will be mixing up review books and books I bought. Here’s my system, I have been managing to keep to it so far.

1. Booksirens book

2. Netgalley book

3. A kindle book.

4. Edelweiss book

5. Netgalley book

6. Paperback/ hardback book.

7. Fairyloot book.


  1. I have found Booksirens only in the last 6 months or so and found it a really good site, mainly small presses but I have found some really good books and I like helping the authors get some attention for thier books.
  2. I always have netgalley books to read so it’s always useful to get one read.
  3. I have hundreds of kindle books to get through. A lot are free books but some I have bought as well.
  4. I have only recently started using Edelweiss and have only reviewed two so far but I ahve found some good books on their, even bought some of the ones I wasn’t approved for.
  5. Like I said I need to catch up on a few Netgalley books so having a second one in my list will help.
  6. I have bought a lot of books lately, they are piled high.
  7. I know these are hardbacks but if I only read one a month or two then I will never get through them all.

Do you have a system for reading your books or do you pick them at random?