Across the fourwinds

Most high school grads hold a world of opportunity in their hands. Will and Morgan hold the fate of two worlds.

Since his mother’s tragic accident, Will has been a loner. And for good reason: he claims to see strange creatures emerging from the forest near his home. Ostracism is a way of life until he meets Morgan, a fencing champion with everything going for her—except a dark family secret.

In pursuit of answers, these unlikely friends enter the forest and discover a magical kingdom threatened by a powerful enemy. When a young sage reveals their true identities, Will and Morgan join a small but courageous resistance on a quest to save the Fourwinds.

Can friendship and hope stop the swelling tide of destruction from breaching the portal into our world?

Across the Fourwinds is the first book of the Maidstone Chronicles, a page-turning YA fantasy series. If you enjoy escaping to magical worlds, swashbuckling action, and homespun heroes, you’re in for an exciting adventure with this epic tale by Shane Trusz and Darryl Frayne.


I recieved a free copy of this book via booksirens in exchange for an honest review.

I am finding this review hard to write. I found the first 20% very boring and not very exciting. Once they get into fourwinds, it gets a little more exciting. The reason I am finding this hard to write is that I cannot find any reason for not liking this book, it’s mainly personal preference. The writing style was good but I really struggled to pick it back up once I had put it down.

The characters were good, I would have liked a little more information on them. I liked Fourwinds it was an interesting world, although I did lose track a little of the politics.

Overall this book was not for me. But I do recommend people give it a try.

3 out of 5 stars