first howling

My first shift unleashes me. Mating one won’t be enough.

The Volkov Four are the hottest guys at the Lycan Academy. A school just for wolf shifters, all of whom are genetic shifters except one. Me. I’m a bitten wolf, one whose story does not have the history of any of the others.

Shifters have one rule.
Thou Shalt Not Bite a Human.
But someone did, as evidenced by the deep scar on my thigh. And my sudden interest in breakfast meats.

Every girl at the Lycan Academy would jump at the chance to date any of the Volkov brothers. They’ve never shown a female any romantic intentions. But, for some unfathomable reason, they have turned their attention—all of them—to me.

These shifter girls’ claws come out when they realize the brothers have a taste for me. They bark, but I don’t think they´ll bite—hopefully.

But they’re nothing compared to the shadow that hangs over the entire academy. A force nobody wants to talk about but whose evil can be felt in the corners of the ancient structure. The professors hint at it, the students speak of it in whispers…and I feel a chill in the marrow of my bones whenever I pass a certain hallway. It would be easier to protect myself if I knew more, but nobody will tell me.

The Volkovs insist they’ll make sure I’m safe, but it’s not enough. After all, I don’t even know which one is mine because I want them all.

With each passing day the shadow grows. Soon it will encompass the school and everyone in it. Maybe even more than that.


I have seen quite a few reverse harem books about and since this was short I decided to what the fuss was about. The writing was not great to be honest, with a little work it couldm be much better, it kind of feels like a first draft that has not been amended. The fantasy side was good, I liked the take on werewolves or Lycan. Nothing completely new but a little different to anything I have read.

The pacing of the story was good, for a short book I liked it but the school dynamic seemed odd. For such a strict school it seemed weird that they let three men live off campus and a female student spend the night with no issue. There was only a very small sex scene in this book, which was the part I am most unsure about. I do not mind sex in books but there has to be chemistry, can she have chemistry with four guys at once, maybe we will see in the next book, which I am going to read.

Overall I liked it, I did swither a lot on what rating to give it, but I decided the writing did not put me off enough to rate it 3 stars.

4 out of 5 stars