third snarl

I can’t fight what I feel anymore. I don’t have to choose. I belong to the Volkovs and they belong to me.

Nora Blessing’s first year as a wolf shifter at The Lycan Academy is speeding toward its conclusion. It’s been both the best and worst year of her entire life. So far she’s learned her entire life story is a lie. Her aunt is not her aunt. Her parents are not dead—or at least didn’t die when she was little. And she might not be completely a bitten shifter. Oh…and she has a twin sister.

What she does know is she’s crazy about four Russian brothers who want to be her everything in return. But she’s turned away from them yet again, feeling out of her depth. Also her best friend AJ is missing and nobody seems all that worried about it except her.

She’ll need to go on a wild ride to find her past, resolve the demons in her present, and secure her future. If she has the gifts to make it happen.


I quite enjoyed the first two books but this one fell flat for me. It seemed to focus more on the sex and romance than the fantasy. Not just that the fantasy was not focussed on, it was lacking on detail. There were so many details missed out and I felt like I do understand why a lot of stuff happened.

I felt like the brothers were all just the same to me, no difference in their personalities for me.

Overall not great, not as good as the first two, has potential but really lacking on detail and finese.

2 out of 5 stars