winter by winter

When the enemies of King Ragnar destroy Ladda’s village, she’ll do anything it takes to lead the survivors to safety—even agreeing to marry the king himself. But Ragnar and Ladda both quickly discover that there’s more to her role than that of queen. As she assumes the burden of shield maiden and admiral of the Swanfleet, guiding her own ships among Ragnar’s, her calling to battle becomes clear. She’s been chosen, blessed by the goddess Skathi, and her enemies will fall before her blade… Winter by Winter brings to life Hladgertha, the historical teenage Viking pirate queen from the Chronicles of Saxo, and presents a heroine whose cunning and heart resonate across the centuries.


I recieved a free copy of this book via netalley in exchange for an honest review.

Netgalley had labelled this as fantasy and historical fiction. There was not any fantasy. Lots of historical fiction though. There were some myths and legends, not any that I was familiar with, they were quite interesting but if you not familiar with them there wasn’t much detail.

The story was good but a little bland for me. There was some action but it fell a little flat. There was no proper exciting description. It just felt rushed and a little contrived.

Ladda was a little odd for me. She was young, yet without really doing much she became the leader of the tribe and at times left her 12 year old sister to lead. Just felt very odd to me. The setting was good but I never really felt I knew where we were. There were lots of nationalities and countries mentioned, that it were just jumbled together (that might have been just me though).

I did enjoy the story but I was never excited to go back, I only finished it because it was a review book.

3 out of 5 stars