the seeds of power

Her unique skills keep her safe. Until her greatest strength becomes her fatal weakness.

Princess Christal of Larrochar learned long ago that to marry was to risk her life. At twenty-eight she’s resolutely unwed, trusted assistant to the King’s Cultivator and an expert in rare plants.

Then, to her horror, she receives a marriage proposal she can’t refuse. All Prince Daire of Caldermor cares about is elan—the mysterious golden beans that bring his family untold wealth and power. If Daire wants Christal, elan must be at the root of his interest.

Christal’s father would sacrifice her to discover elan’s secrets. The Calderrans would kill to keep them secure. To save herself Christal will need every kernel of knowledge she’s ever gleaned. And the support of Kiran Randsen, elite soldier turned Calderran bodyguard, who may be something even rarer than elan—a man she’d trust with her life.

The Seeds of Power is the first book in the Elan Intrigues fantasy romance series. If you like strong heroines, chivalrous heroes, natural magic, and life-or-death stakes, then you’ll love this powerful historical fantasy by award-winning author Jilly Wood.


I received a free copy of this bookvia booksirens in exchange for an honest review.

I thought this book would be more fantasy based, so if you go into looking for magic, and a book full of fantasy you will be disappointed. But if you looking for a book that a historical feel, that has great characters and lots of court intrique, you will be pleased.

It was an intriquing take on a plot that seems to be quite common these days. A princess who is set to marry off for advantage, yet she doesn’t want to. I liked that this did not follow the normal set of rules, although I had worked out early on what was going to happen. It did not stop me enjoying it any though.

Christal was a great main character, she let her past get in her way sometimes but it gave her depth. I want to know more about the Elan plant/ seed, that is the part I was really interested in.I am guessing it will be explained more in the next book, although I do not think I will be reading it. I found that for me ending was good enough.

This book is heavy on romance and lots of love for family. There was a little bit of friendship but Chrital didn’t seem to have any friends, which I didn’t find odd until now, it wasn’t like it was because she was a princess, it was just never mentioned in any context.

Overall a slow paced book full of interesting characters.

4 out of 5 stars