the relic spell

Magic rolls through Orion Tamura’s history classroom like a tidal wave of golden light that only he can see. The spell is deadly, and Orion has no idea who cast it or what they want.

Answers are scarce—all of Port Monica’s sorcerers vanished fourteen years before, including Orion’s father. Armed with his limited knowledge of magic, Orion is the only one left in the city who is strong enough to investigate the origins of the spell.

But the city’s leaders will stop at nothing to censor and sabotage anyone who gets close to the truth. Invisible otherworlders watch every move Orion and his friends make, and a mysterious sorcerer who knows the answers haunts Orion’s dreams.


I recieved a free copy of this book via booksirens in exchange for an honest review.

This was a very good book based on magic. I liked the way it unfolded but at times I felt a little confused. It just seemed odd that no-one but a binch of kids was doing anything (although that ofen happens in these kinds of books). I loved the characters and that there was a lot of diversity, it was great to see, especially in a YA book.

I enjoyed the setting, it felt like a lovely place (except all the demons etc). I did struggle to get through this book a bit, once I put it down I found it very difficult to pick up again, but I cannot say why, and that’s the toughest bit for me, is it just because I have a lot or is it because something wasn’t clicking for me.

I would recommend this book for magic lovers but I will not be continuing with the series myself.

3 stars out 5 stars