Falling in love shouldn’t feel like drowning.

Seventeen-year-old Arion Rush has always played the obedient sidekick to her older sister’s flashy femme fatale—until a mysterious boating accident leaves Lilah a silent, traumatized stranger. As her sister awaits medical treatment with her mother, Arion and her father head to his hometown in Maine to prepare a new life for them all. Surrounded by the vast Atlantic, she finds solace in songwriting, her only solid ground.

Unexpectedly, Arion blossoms in the tiny coastal town. Friends flock to her, and Logan Delaine, a volatile heartthrob, seems downright smitten. But it’s Bo Summers—a solitary surfer, as alluring as he is aloof—that Arion can’t shake. Meanwhile, Lilah’s worsening condition, a string of local fatalities, and Arion’s own recent brushes with death seem ominously linked…to Bo’s otherworldly family. As Arion’s feelings for Bo intensify and his affections turn possessive, she must make a choice. How will Arion learn to listen to her own voice when Bo’s siren song won’t stop ringing in her ears?

I am finding this book difficult to review, there was nothing wrong with it, just wasn’t really for me. It was a bit slow, a bit boring, I thouhgt there would be more fantasy. The pacing was a little all over the place. It jumped around a lot and I felt that it was missing some information. Books often jump time for the story, a few days here, a couple of weeks there, but here is felt disjointed.

It’s probably better suited for people who enjoy romance as the main genre, where as I prefer it as a side genre. The characters were fine, but none shone for me, they were all lacking a little for me.

Overall it was fine, but not a book I would rush back to.

3 out of 5 stars