last priestessThe last priestess

The Last Priestess by Elizabeth Baxter.

There is a name that is uttered only in whispers. The Songmaker. A ruthless rebel mage, he is bringing civil war to the once-peaceful kingdom of Amaury, enveloping all in a tide of violence. For Maegwin, a tormented priestess, the path forward lies in forgiving her temple’s enemies—but she dreams only of revenge. For Rovann, a loyal mage haunted by his failures, salvation might be found in the unthinkable: defying the very king he swore to protect. If they are to succeed they must form an unlikely alliance. For someone must stand against the Songmaker. Someone must save Amaury from his dark designs. But first, they’ll have to learn to trust each other.

And so a magical fantasy of darkness and redemption begins. (Synopsis from Good reads).

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review via Netgalley.

General Overview (No Spoilers)

A nice book full of magic, war and even a little bit of love and loyalty. It reminded me of Maria V. Snyder’s stories, well written and exciting. I loved the characters, they had different sides and unwilling friendships were formed. The storyline is amazing. It kept me guessing all the way through. Maegwin was smart and strong, fights her own battles (literally), which I really admire about her. Leo was funny, a little eccentric, I would love to hear his songs, hoping they feature later in the series. I like how there was a hint of romance that might take a bigger role later in the story, but just now they are focusing on saving their country.

I bought the second book as soon as I had finished the first.

4 stars out of 5.

Step by Step Overview (Spoilers)

0%- Not a fan of the cover (the second picture showing), the redo is much nicer. But the story looks right up my alley. “And so a magical fantasy of darkness and redemption begins.” Sounds fantastic.

10% – Maegwin is sentenced to death for treachery and possibly treason. She stays fighting until the end, makes her seem likes  strong character.

” I would choose life and vengeance.” At this sentence I knew I was in for an action packed adventure.

So far so good. Really inviting story, two different sets of power, possibly wanting the same thing.

20% – This book is reminding me of Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder. A young girl gets a reprieve from a death sentence and has flashbacks of the murder that got her there in the first place. Rovann is turning out to be a mysterious fellow. What does he want with Maegwin? I like how Maegwin keeps her word to her goddess, she may have killed someone but breaking her word is worse.

30% – I think Rovann is the King’s Mage. And the plot thickens.

40% – The bad guys are planning to attack the Capitol when it is meant to be implementable, they must have something big up their sleeves. This is the second book I have read recently about Order and Chaos, I am really enjoying this concept. ( The first one was The Grove of the Sun).

50%- Is the one light meant to be Heaven? I like where this story is going.

60% – Where did Rovann disappear to? What happened to him? Is there going to be romance. The descriptions in this book are beautiful. It makes me wish it was a real place (minus the fighting).

70% – Is it all an illusion? Aww, poor Leo is he truly dead? Surely not.

80% – Traveling through the Eorthe sounds horrible but a crafty trick. I like that Maegwin doesn’t have all the answers and is starting to care for the troops.

90% – Yay, Leo may still be alive. I really like him as a character.

100% – She fled? I think she will be back. Nice ending, leaving lots of options for the next book in the series, which I have already bought.