Can you guess the book by the clues?

1. A 16 year old girl gets summoned from our world to new one by necromancer.
2. A sorcerer rescues her and helps her find her place in this new world.
3. You must never ask a sorcerer his name, only what they wish to be called.
4. The school bully is a crown princess.
5. The MC helps make inventions from our world to make some cash.
6. The school thinks people learn lessons from bullying, therefore allow it as long as no permenant harm occurs.
7. Older students resent her because she is allowed in a class as a first year that they had to work very to get in.
8. The MC’s name is Emily.
9. Alchemy is kind of this worlds science, or the closest thing to science.
10. The series is 14books long.

If you think you know, say in the comments.