So I have a fair few books, and a fair few of those are ARCs and some are late, yes I am ashamed but I am trying to sort it. I have tried before when I got behind to read nothing but ARCs and I feel like it’s a chore rather than reading books I enjoy. So I have come up with a system where I can get through my ARC’s catch up and still read books I buy. My plan is read each one of these then start over the list again.

1. Booksirens book

2. New Netgalley book

3. A kindle book.

4. Edelweiss book

5. Old Netgalley book

6. Paperback/ hardback book.

so explanations.

  1. Booksirens is a new book site that I have found to get books from publishers. I have only gotten one book so far. And I have just finished it. (My last review). I will look to see if there are any books I fancy just before and if not I will skip this one.
  2. So any new netgalley book I have been approved for. (I am limiting how many I request to get them read.
  3. Just any kindle book I have bought. I have a few series I want to get through.
  4. Edelweiss, I haven’t actually gotten any of these yet. But I have requested a few so if I get any then this will come into effect.
  5. An old netgalley book, one I am behind one, not proud of, but I will review them all, better late than never.
  6. Paperback/ Hardback. I seem to have a bad habit of buying books on a whim, also I am expecting my first Fairyloot box and hopefully a good book will arrive.

So hopefully this will help me get through them.

Do you have any systems to get through your books?