second growl

I’m irresistible to the Volkov brothers. I can’t choose just one.

Hi, I’m Nora Blessing, and I’m a wolf shifter. Last summer, everything I believed about reality took a shift. I was bitten by a wolf. Turned out my fear of rabies was unfounded. I had much bigger things to worry about. Like turning furry and eating little fluffy forest creatures.

But I’m not all alone. As well as whoever that wolf was who bit me, there’s a whole academy full of wolf shifters learning how to be themselves in a modern world. And despite my mediocre performance in high school, the Lycan Academy considers me worthy of a full-ride scholarship to their hallowed halls. I’ve survived the first semester—well, I haven’t seen my grades, yet, but I’m alive. And after being attacked by a terrifying demonic entity, I appreciate the fact I’m still breathing I’ve learned how to shift without everyone seeing me naked. Big plus. The four hottest guys in school seem to have me in their sights. Not typical Nora stuff.

I thought I’d adjusted pretty well until an outbreak of chaos revealed layers of mystery and possibly horror in my new school. Something or someone is loose in the halls and on the grounds, endangering all my new friends, and focusing on me in particular. What is it about me that is attracting all the crazy?

I wish I knew. Because I’m scared.
And I can’t just go home.
I’m a wolf. I belong with other wolves.


I found this a little bit lacking in the beginning. It just did not have the flow the first one did. It just felt the author was trying to create as much action and drama as quickly as possible. I am glad the romance is going slow since it’s an odd situtation and I am not sure I am liking the reverse harem side of it. Just doesn’t seem normal to me.

I will be reading the third one since there is many unanswered questions. I am still perplexed at the school and lack of authority, the students seem to be able to get away with just about anything, even murder doesn’t seem to be being investigated properly.

3 out of 5 stars